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Hair Supplies

Clare Schultz

In my 40 years of doing hair, I've spent 25 of those years at Salon Nochea, so I like to call it my home. I've watched so many of these girls grow up and start their careers. I've watched them get married and have babies. I've worked side by side with this supportive, creative group of individuals for what feels like forever. We've taught each other so much and have been together through it all. My favorite part of my job is the special occasions. It's the big moments, getting you ready for your memorable day and absolutely nailing it. I just always think I am so lucky I get to share with you. The creativity and harmony of the salon is so energizing and fun. I love the sound of the howling laughter over blow dryers. I love making you all feel beautiful leaving my chair. I weirdly love the smell of acrylic nails and the polish. I love JoAnn's compassionate heart because once you work for JoAnn, you're a part of her family. And that's what makes Salon Nochea so great.

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